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Buying at Auction or Estate Sales

We make buying at our auctions & estate sales fun and easy. 

PAYMENT METHOD - We accept CASH, Visa, Mastercard, American Express Express, Discover. Sorry, we do not accept checks at any of our sales. 

ESTATE SALE - Just come in, pick our your treasures and pay the cashier, it is that simple. 

ONLINE AUCTION - Simply register for an account and follow the instructions on the site. CLICK HERE for our current online auctions. 

LIVE AUCTION - Live auctions are the best (and most fun) way to purchase your treasurers. Don't be afraid or intimidated, our staff is there to help you.

1. When you arrive at the auction, go to the cashier and get a Bidder's Number, you cannot bid without one. State law requires that you present a valid ID in order to bid. Most sales there is a $100 CASH DEPOSIT to receive a number. Your purchases are taken out of this money, if you do not buy anything it is immediately returned to you when you leave. The deposit protects us from people leaving without payiong. 

2. Arrive early enough to look at everything. Our auctions usually open three hours before the auction for inspection, larger sales may be open the day before. Sorry, we DO NOT sell items prior to sale unless specified.

3. When the auction starts, sit back and have fun. Although the auctioneer speaks fast you can easilly follow along. When  you want to bid on a item simply raise your card (or yell,  jump in the air, do a cartwheel, or whatever you like) to place your bid. The highest bidder gets it!

4. After you have purchased your last item, go to the cashier and pay for your items. We typically charge a 13% Buyer's Premium which is added to your purchases, we give you a 3% discount for cah. All sales are subject to Sales Tax unless you are exempt (Please ask cashier for a Sales Tax Card). 

5. Pick up your items (Show your paid invoice) and take your new treasurers home. 

6. If you cannot attend an auction, and still want to bid, you may bid by Proxy (Bid ahead of time) or bid by phone. Online pre-bidding may be an option for some sales. 


Can I bring my children? Yes, to most sales. But please keep them with you. Many sales are on properties that are rough and may have hazzards that can harm a children. If your child breaks something, it is your responsibility. 

How long does a sale last? An Estate Sale has set hour, typically 9am to 3pm (check the sale), an auction will last from 3 to 6 hours depending on the number of items to be sold. Online auction typically run for 7 days. 

Are there returns? NO! All items are sold as-is, where-is without any warranty. Please test all items before you purchase. 

Do you accept checks? No, sorry, no checks at any of our sales. 

What if I bid then change my mind? Once the auctioneer announced "Sold" the property is yours. Bidding on an item is a contract to buy. Failure to pay for an item that you bid can result in denial from future auctions or sales and possible legal action.

I am new to auctions, can I bid? YES! We will help you, just ask any staff member.

We are selling my dad's estate, can I bid to make the price go higher? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And you will likely go to jail if you do. Bidding for the purpose of raising the price is "Shill Bidding" and WILL NOT be tolerated either in our live auctions or online. Offenders are in violation of state and federal law and will be prosecuted. 

Can the owner of property being sold buy it at auction? In most cases, no, we do not allow buy-backs. In rare cases of storage units or some estate sales, the owners are permitted to bid at auction IF they intend to buy the property if they are the highest. If this is allowed it will be posted and announced at the auction. 

The Auctioneer did not see my bid, what happens? It is your responsibility to make sure the auctioneer sees your bid. Once an item is sold it cannot be reopened for bidding in most cases. 

The Auctioneer got my bid wrong, what do I do? Speak up IMMEDIATELY! We all make mistakes, but these mistakes cannot be fixed unless it is brought to our attention immediately. 

I see an error on an item description, what do I do? Please tell us so we can fix it. 

Do you honor coupons at Auctions? Sorry, no. Our coupons are good at our estate sales only. 

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