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We will use the best method(s) to liquidate your property, achieving the best sale price for your goods. Auctions gives people the opportunity to compete for your goods, achieving the true "Market" value of your property. However we understand that auctions may not be the best solution for everyone's needs. While other companies pidgeon hole themselves into open selling method, be it auction, estate sales or in a store, we use the best method for each individual client to acheive the best results. 

Selling at Auction - Your property is sold either on your site (home or business) and is sold to the highest bidder on the day of the auction. We typically offer customers the option of pre-bidding online, bidding online during the auction, bidding by telephone or bidding live at the event. Property typically is taken by the customer after the sale, or within a day or two. 

Selling at Estate Sale - An Estate Sale or "Tag Sale" is typically a three-day sale, held at your site (Home or business). Our staff will arrange and price all items using our experience and resources to price items to have both a market appeal and to achieve the best price determined by the market. 

Selling at Online Auction - Just like a live auction, an online auction allows people to compete for your property. An online auction typically takes more time (three weeks from start to finish). The property either remains on your site (home or business) or is moved to an off-site storage. We handle all of the shipping (If offered) and all of the administration of the auction.

Buy-out - During a buy-out we pay you a lump sum for your property and remove it to our facility. This is typically a solution for small amounts of property or a short time frame. 


How much does it cost? We charge a commission on the items sold. Commission vary from one sale to another. We do not quote commissions online or over the phone. We will be happy to set-up a free consultation. 
Are there extra fees? Most of the time, no. For most sales our fee is covered in our commission with no extra fees or costs. There are some sales which may require extra fees for excess trash removal or for special permits, but this is not typical. 
Do you charge for set-up / pricing? No, that is part of our commission. 
Do we recieve an inventory of the items sold? Yes. The extent of the inventory will depend on the scope of the sale and type of sale. This will be discussed at your consultation.
When do I get paid? All payments are made within 30 days of the conclusion of the sale. 
Do you charge me for credit card fees? NO! that is part of our cost of doing business.
Do I get charged if a customer's check bounce? We do not accept checks at our sales. 
How soon can I sell my property? Depends. Many time we can set-up and conduct a sale in a very short time-frame (5 to 7 days) however a short time-frame limits our ability to advertise the sale, which could impact the outcome. 
How do you advertise and who pays for it? We use every avenue available to us to advertise your sale including web sites, social media and traditional print advertising. We also have an ever-growing mailing list of loyal customers. 

Are there any items you will not sell? Yes. We will not sell any item that is stolen or violates Federal, State or Local laws. We take stolen property VERY seriously and we will actively pursue prosecution involving any stolen proerty. We comply with all laws regarding the sale of firearms, motor vehicles, taxidermy and other regulated items. 

Do you sell real estate? We work closely with local real estate companies to provide our client with honest, aggresive representation for sale of your real property.